Types of Skin Rashes: Learn To Distinguish Them

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The skin is a fundamental organ in the maintenance of multiple functions and constants that are the basis of life. Every complex multicellular organism needs a relative isolation from the internal environment with respect to the external environment, so that the organic content maintains its functions, for this a series of conditions must be established, and this is one of the roles of the skin. Discover the types of skin rashes and how they manifest.

Among the functions of the skin are thermoregulation, immunity, endocrine, excretory, mechanical protection, relationship with the environment, water balance … so that its alteration will affect one or several of these functions so basic for the maintenance of the integrity of the organism.

Skin Rashes

The types of skin rashes are the signature of various diseases

Many diseases will manifest in our skin, which makes it a fundamental diagnostic tool, so we must become familiar with the different types of skin rashes and associated diseases.

In the skin, we find elementary primary and secondary lesions, in relation to the type, extension, depth of the same and mode of appearance acquiring a particular payroll.

In many cases the first manifestation of a systemic disease appears in the skin in the prodromal phase, before the appearance of more florid and serious manifestations of the disease, an early diagnosis is fundamental for a good prognosis.

We will not enter the different cutaneous manifestations since this work is typical of the extensive dermatology guides, but rather, we will make a brief synopsis of the internal environment and its imbalance. Click here to learn more https://brianwilliamsdermatology.com/learning-common-types-rash/

Skin as a manifestation of health

We must bear in mind that in the skin we will find a whole battlefield, both by agents that attack from outside (by contact) and by those processes that are fought from the inside (systemic diseases) as those that arise from the interior (autoimmune diseases).

That is why the attention that must be paid to the state of our skin is important because from it we can obtain invaluable information about what may be happening in our body.

The types of rashes that can be found on the skin can refer to processes of local and external nature such as contact dermatitis, even in the case of the appearance of acanthosis nigricans as a manifestation of stomach cancer.

The organism as a whole

Both the contents and the continent that surrounds us are part of an indivisible whole, the channels, and communications that are established between them give rise to an initial reality, in which it is more what is shared than what all the cells are isolated from. Organic

The medium that imbibes all the organic cells contains and shares with all the tissues and organs the elements that dissolve in it. The external and internal barriers must remain intact for the stability of the complexity and the gradients that support it.

All foreign agents, wherever they come from and whatever their nature, will be selected when they come into contact with our epithelia, which are arranged as selective barriers, avoiding the invasion of harmful elements. At his side we will find immune cells whose function is the recognition and elimination of these agents that are not limited to the epithelial and have been able to overcome the epithelial barriers, some will penetrate into the bloodstream and the reticule-endothelial system will be responsible to respond and others will be neutralized by systemic vascular mechanisms.

Types of Skin Rashes

Almost all cellular defensive responses will occur, in the venous system, in the venules where it is easier to control blood permeability.

It is this that causes multiple diseases to have cutaneous manifestations since it hosts a large vascular network, where the conflict will permeate into the interstitial and the immunological battle will develop.

Internal medium and skin rashes

The effects of the application of a biological concept of global interrelation, and that the need to maintain a minimum of constants, were fundamental for the development of higher levels of complexity, theorized that our environment internal should be equivalent to the marine environment from which life emerged.

He understood that the constant environments in which life occurred should be maintained for its correct balance. It determined a series of laws that had to verify that, its transgression, would lead to the destabilization of the organism, and therefore to disease states.

All this and others happened more, the Marine Therapy to return the cellular electrochemical balance and in this way favor the healing of the diseases.

The results were not left waiting, having an amazing response in all types of skin rashes. In its marine dispensaries, offered elements that stimulated cell function, acting on the deficiencies of the cellular environment and not on the pathology in particular. This is why the application of seawater acts on the different types of skin eruptions, although the etiology is not the same.

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