Folk Remedies For Demodex Treatment

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Today, we will talk about how to get rid of demodex. Such a disease, like demodicosis, causes a subcutaneous tick.

The parasite affects the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Getting rid of the disease is not so easy, however, if you set a goal, you can get excellent results.


Methods of treatment can be different, it all depends on how the disease is transferred, how the skin is badly affected, is there any concomitant disease, what is the condition of the body.

Suppose, if the reason is a decrease in resistance against the background of pregnancy, it is allowed to use only sparing means.

It is clear that in this case, the recovery will not be so fast. In general, the treatment time is determined by the type of mite, usually from 4 to 6 months.

 Demodex Treatment


In the process of treatment it is important to comply with the basic rules of hygiene:

  • Avoid prolonged time at the computer, as this worsens the immune system;
  • Wash affected areas more often, refrain from bath and sunburn. The skin should always be clean, in no case should it be dusty, sweaty or oily. Wash preferably with warm water;
  • Do not seek to disguise the affected area with cosmetics. Fat cream is a fertile environment for the development of the tick;
  • Replace the feather pillow with a silicone analog, because in the fluff the parasite can feel great. Every day you need to use a clean pillowcase, ironed on both sides before use;
  • Adhere to a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition. Do not abuse sweet, fatty and floury. Include in your diet more foods that contain vitamins and minerals. Forget about alcohol and tobacco, try to be less nervous;
  • Do not touch your face with unwashed hands. Extra touches of objects are also not needed. Every day, wipe with an alcohol solution razor and shackles from the glasses. Scarfs should be washed as often as possible, without forgetting to iron.

Before you start a home treatment, go to a dermatologist. Having prescribed a suitable treatment course, the doctor will refer you to other medical specialists if necessary. Keep reading

Now let’s see how to get rid of Demodex at home.

Daily Care

Proper skin care every day will bring healing closer. You need to take care in three stages, using the right tools, appropriate to the type of your skin.

Wash yourself with a special gel or foam without alcohol, in the presence of the presence of salicylic acid, which helps reduce acne. Do not use soap for washing – it pulls the skin. Water should not be cold.

Having finished washing, wipes the face with a tonic for problem skin, and then apply a suitable cream or ointment. On sale you can find a cream that does not need to be washed off, they are ideal for a base all day.

As for make-up, it is better to refrain from it for the period of treatment, powder and foundation can do much harm.


Spirituous infusion of flowers of this plant removes inflammation and relieves itching. You can buy at the pharmacy or cook yourself.

To do this, pour the calendula with alcohol for 2 days. The face should be wiped several times a day. The medicine prevents the activity of arthropods, making them more sluggish.


Tincture suppresses mobility of the tick, prevents its active reproduction, and after a time leads to the death of the parasite. Take dry grass, chop it, pour boiling water and leave in a dark place for 6 hours.

After this time, strain, and use as a means for washing.

The root of elecampane

If you want to cook a broth, find this root, grind it to dust and add 1 tablespoon into a glass of water. Mix thoroughly and pour into a saucepan. Put on a weak fire and wait until it boils.

The boiling time is 10 minutes; the root must leave all its useful properties in the water. Further, as in the previous case, we leave for 6 hours in a place where light does not penetrate, and wait.

After the passage of time, we filter and apply to rub the face or wash.

Clay with a skin

A mask is prepared from these components. By the way, yellow clay allows also to cope with peeling of the skin and itching. All you need is a spoon, dilute with warm water, achieving the consistency of sour cream.

Lubricate the face with the mixture obtained (a good layer) and fix with a bandage bandage. Wear 8 – 12 hours or leave overnight. Improvements should come in a few weeks.

Household soap 72%

A few hours before bedtime, cleanse your face, whip the soap to make a foam, apply to the skin. Wait half an hour to allow the foam to dry out. After the designated time, perform one more such procedure, in this case the foam is applied to a dried “crust”.

In total it is required to make up to 5 approaches. With a soap mask, you can safely go to bed. The next day do the same. Use soap until you have a final recovery.

Black currant

The plus of currants is that this berry has a pleasant aroma, unlike many other medicinal products. Total 4 tablespoons of dried berries are needed. Throw them in a half-liter of warm water and, mixing, put on a plate. Wait for the boil and leave for another 15 minutes.

Remove from heat, cover and wait half an hour. Moisten a bandage and put the broth on painful places. Usually, the treatment course is up to 1 month, but it all depends on the degree of skin damage.

Birch tar, bacon and sulfur

So, for the preparation of “drug” will need 3 tablespoons of lard, 6 grams of sulfur powder and 4 tablespoons of birch tar. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and boil the resulting mixture. Let it leave for 3 – 5 minutes.

After you wait until the drug stops. The resulting ointment should be applied to the affected skin twice a day. Avoid applying cosmetics on your face after applying the ointment.

Birch tar, salt and oil

Here is another recipe using birch tar, this time 1 tablespoon will be enough. Also it is necessary to prepare on 1 spoonful of a sol idol and oil (sunflower or olive).

Mix everything well, get a cream that needs to be applied to the skin before bedtime. In the morning the product is washed off and the procedure is repeated.


This is another effective remedy against dangerous parasites, disfiguring the face. Berries have a unique composition that determines useful qualities.

For broth, take 1 spoonful of dried berries, chop in a coffee grinder and pour boiling water (1 glass). Cover with a lid and leave for 60 minutes to allow the broth to infuse.

The product is applied to the problem skin. Treatment with juniper shows excellent results, you can achieve recovery in just two weeks.


This is the most “vigorous” medicine; it is very effective in combating infection. Try it and in the fight with the tick, this will have to cook a garlic mask.

Using a blender, grind 2 heads to make gruel. But do not rush to put it on the body. First of all, use a nourishing cream. Top with gauze and wait 20 minutes, then rinse.

Unfortunately, many refuse this method because of the unpleasant odor, which is notable for its resistance. Using garlic therapy, you will not be able to get rid of the nuclear aroma for a long time, neither helium nor soap will help.

If the skin is strongly irritated during application, tingling or tingling is felt, it is better to immediately wash the contents off.

Chicken eggs

Eggs should be rustic; the store variant will not work. Put the egg in a glass dish; pour it with vinegar and cover. Put it in a dark place and wait for 9 days. When the time comes, pour the vinegar and grind the egg on the grater.

Lubricate the affected area. After 2 minutes after application, you will feel the itching subsiding. Just a few approaches and the problem will leave you.


Wipe the skin with tincture in the morning and evening, eucalyptus will give a pleasant feeling of coolness, remove redness, pain, and contribute to the early healing of wounds.

A tincture can be bought in any pharmacy, it is inexpensive. Also, you can make it yourself by filling the shredded leaves with an alcohol solution.

After treatment, it is important to get rid of old pillows, to wash all clothes together with bed-clothes.

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