Why Is Facial Cleansing So Important?

Caring for the skin of the face is to cleanse and moisturize it with the right products you need at any time. A correct facial cleansing is a first and most important step to keep it healthy and well cared for.

Throughout the day many impurities accumulate on the skin of the face: remains of make-up, physiological secretions (sweat and grease), dust, microorganisms, pollutants from the environment, and remains of dead cells as a product of cell regeneration, etc. All of them form a barrier that prevents the correct nutrition of the coetaneous tissues, contributing to irritate the skin, to block the pores and prevent the elimination of natural secretions and to hinder their correct oxygenation. If the pores are clogged they can open up or cause pimples and blackheads.

Steps for a correct facial cleansing

Steps for a correct facial cleansing

A treatment, no matter how good it is, cannot penetrate properly into a dirty skin, so its effectiveness is greatly reduced.

The only way to eliminate all these barriers and properly prepare the skin so that they are given the best conditions to absorb the treatment products that we will use: moisturizing creams, regenerating, nourishing, anti-wrinkles, etc., is to perform a correct face cleaning.

A good facial cleaning should be an inexcusable daily routine, which should be followed both by hygiene and to keep the skin younger and brighter.

Hygienic cosmetics, such as cleansing milk, tonic, etc., are not intended to penetrate but to remove from the surface of the skin either by dragging, emulsifying or dissolving all kinds of contaminants (sebum, impurities, detritus, makeup, etc.), leaving it in perfect cleaning conditions for its normal metabolism.

The market offers us a wide range of cleaning products, which are differentiated by their components and textures adapted to one or another type of skin. Use products appropriate to your skin type. Check this article also https://www.westlakedermatology.com/blog/skin-cleansing-101-why-washing-your-face-is-important/

How Many Times Should I Cleanse My Face Throughout The Day?

Correct facial cleansing

The skin on the face is very delicate. It is important to cleanse your face a couple of times a day: in the morning and at night. It is not recommended more than twice a day.

Excessive cleaning can dry out and irritate the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you have it with a tendency to dry, it can be further dried with cleansing products, and if it is prone to fat, the glands are stimulated and act by secreting more oil, which makes the skin greasier.

After a long day, you should not go to bed without cleaning your face. Cleaning the complexion after we have put on makeup when we get home or go to bed, is something that should be as common as brushing our teeth. Take a few minutes to clean the skin, gently but deeply and carefully, whether you have made up or not. It is worth this small effort because your skin will thank you and look beautiful and healthy.

It is also convenient to clean the skin in the morning. Although we just get out of bed, after a good night’s sleep, the skin has accumulated waste, as the sweat and fat that is expelled through the pores, inevitably.

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