Clarifies underarms and teeth with activated charcoal

If you do not know activated charcoal, you are missing out on the many ways in which it can benefit your life. Our beauty expert Jayne Musumba talks about this method to clean our armpits and teeth.

This coal has nothing to do with what is used on the grill. Activated charcoal is a different material that is used for medical and aesthetic purposes, and is obtained mainly from the coconut shell, which is subjected to a special process of carbonization.

activated charcoal

It is said to be “activated charcoal”, since to prepare it requires high temperatures, a special atmosphere and steam injection in the process, activating it and creating a large number of microspores, capable of absorbing chemicals, gases, proteins, metals, wastes, and toxins. Keep reading

Thanks to its absorption capacity are purifying, deodorant and decolorizing, making it an excellent remedy for stomach upsets when swallowed.

It is also an excellent option to clean the water using it as a filter, and to cleanse toxins from hair, skin, and teeth, making it ideal to eliminate underarm stains that leave deodorants and rakes, as well as to whiten your smile.

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